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Get ready to groove with Its Groovy! We are the ultimate boutique company, hand-selecting, mixing, and packing the most delicious gourmet loose-leaf organic tea blends. And that’s just the beginning! If you’re on the hunt for tea that is non-caffeinated, promotes weight loss, boosts antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, or simply tastes amazing, then your search ends here!

We started out as Quentin’s hobby in Johannesburg, with a mission to surprise our friends with handmade tea blends on their birthdays. The love for our unique gifts quickly spread to other occasions, and before we knew it, people were begging for more. That’s when we realized our teas deserved to be enjoyed by tea connoisseurs everywhere, and so the Its Groovy Brand was born.

But who is Quentin, you might ask? Well, he’s not only the genius behind our incredible blends, but he’s also DJ Groovy Q, a renowned club DJ on the Johannesburg & Cape Town event circuit. He brings his passion for music and spirituality into our teas, creating a truly groovy experience. In fact, our signature blend, the Its Groovy DJ Buddha, embodies the perfect harmony of taste and vibes.

During the process of brainstorming for a suitable name and identity, Quentin incorporated a part of his DJ name, “Groovy,” to capture the essence of the emotions that his teas evoked in people. Inspired by this description, he ultimately decided to adopt the phrase “Its Groovy” as his chosen identity.

So get ready to sip and dance with us, because at Its Groovy, our mission is to make you happy. Can’t find the blend you’re craving? No worries! Just drop us an email with your request, and we’ll do everything we can to add it to our ever-growing range.