'Its Groovy' is a boutique company that presently offers hand-selected, mixed and packed gourmet loose-leaf organic tea blends, flavour filled hot sauce and alcoholic bitter infusions. With more products soon to follow. If you’re looking for a tea because of its health benefits, is non-caffeinated, has a superb taste, aides in weight loss, has antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, has organic ingredients, or for any other reason, you’re sure to find something to your taste here!

Its Groovy started in Johannesburg by Quentin Jute as a hobby, with an idea to give a hand-made and unexpected gift to friends on their birthdays. The response to the birthday gift soon grew to gifting the hand-made teas for other occasions too. The requests for more bags of tea were soon followed with the idea to make the teas more widely available to every tea connoisseur, and the Its Groovy Brand was born.

Quentin, the creator of the Its Groovy tea blends, is also known as DJ Groovy Q, a club DJ on the Johannesburg and Cape Town event circuit and has a vast collection of spiritual statues. He decided to combine the two interests and the Its Groovy DJ Buddha was born. When brainstorming for a name and identity, part of Quentin's DJ name - "Groovy" - was used to describe how the teas made people feel, and so he chose to use the phrase Its Groovy as the identity.

We aim to make you happy! If there are any tea blends you want us to create but aren’t currently offering, email us the information and we’ll do our best to add it to our range.

About Its Groovy